Playtex® Drop-Ins® Premium Nurser Gift Set

  • Includes (2) 4oz Premium Nurser Bottle Holders, (2) 8oz Premium Nurser Bottle Holders, slow flow NaturaLatch® silicone nipples, Drop-Ins® Breast Milk Storage Kit with 1 pump adapter ring, 1 liner ring, 2 nipple rings and 2 sealing disks and 30 Drop-Ins® pre-formed liners (15 4oz and 15 8oz)
  • Drop-Ins® liners collapse like the breast to prevent air from entering your baby, reducing gas, colic and spit-up
  • Breast milk storage kit allows mom to pump, store and feed in the same liner — no transferring and spilling between bottles
  • Also available with engaging decorations for baby 

    Code: 05656
    Manufacturer: Playtex