Playtex brand offers different types of bottles for babies: VentAire and Nurser

VentAire bottle is specially designed to relieve colic - so common in babies. The patented silicone valve lets air through the bottom of the bottle, compensates liquids and prevents mixing of the liquid with air. This process leads to - a little gas, food and return at - no colic.

Original Playtex Nurser bottle was created in 1948 to alleviate the problem of infants associated with feeding a gas - similar to that of the mother's breast in form and function. Today, 50 years later Playtex Nurser bottle is still the best way to provide breast milk when the mother is away from the child or shortage of milk for supplementation. This is not just bottle it in sterilized prior to use soft bags that shrink when the baby swallows milk - practically free from air, as - thus significantly reduces the formation of gases and the return of milk.

Playtex offers a wide range of spill cups with an attractive design and colors. For children from 6 months to 2 + years. Thermo cups remain at the liquid suitable for every season. There are also cups with a straw and lid, which keeps straw clean.

Playtex also offers many other accessories suitable for your baby.